3/4" Wall Mounted Flat Awning Canopy Fittings Kits

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3/4" Flat Roof Awning Kits (10'x10/20/30/40/50/60')

Kits include the FITTINGS only. The conduit frame piping is NOT included. Frame piping must be purchased separately. The main framework poles (Electrical Metallic Tubing - EMT) are sold in standardized 10' lengths at any major hardware store.


Canopy Fittings are made of galvanized steel with welded nuts and eye bolts for easy installation.

Instructions for assembly are included with all Canopy Kits.


3/4” Fittings pair with 3/4” EMT.

Actual Fitting Inside Diameter 0.985" (+/- .02")


3/4" Flat Roof Awning Kits come complete with all Roof Fittings and Mounting Brackets needed to fixate your Awning to a building/structure. Custom options include; Size, Foot Pads, and Side Wall Fittings.

Custom Options:

1. Size - Select your desired structure size indicated by roof square foot coverage. This Kit provides Fittings to space your Canopy poles every 10' down the length. 10' Frame Spacing is the industry standard. This economy spacing is ideal if minimal modifications of EMT poles is preferred (EMT come in standardized 10' lengths). 

2. Foot Pads - For temporary, semi-permanent and permanent structures, Foot Pads provide stabilization and ground anchor points for your Canopy structure. The base of each Foot Pad Fitting has four pre-drilled holes. One in the center designed for rainwater drainage and three on the perimeter allowing anchor nails or hardware of your choice to secure your structure to the ground.

3. Side Wall Fittings - Add 1 Side Wall to your Awning for additional shade. The Side Wall upgrade not only ties your Canopy structure legs together for added horizontal strength but will also provide an attachment point to extend your Canopy covering down from the roof for extra side protection. To purchase additional Side Wall Fittings beyond the standard upgrade options, search FOL, FOT, and FO3 found in the "Shop Now" menu under “Canopy Fittings."


Additional Options (Order separately, found in the "Shop Now" menu).

1. Bar Braces - To reinforce corners and peaks if your structure needs added strength, support and stability.

2. Union Coupler Connectors - To build your Canopy taller/wider than 10' (join two EMT conduit pieces together), use Union Coupler connectors identified as part FC, found in the "Shop Now" menu under “Canopy Fittings”.

3. Pro Seal - Due to wind vibration, we recommend applying liquid semi-permanent thread lock during assembly to the threads of each Fitting eye bolt. For convenience, we sell Pro Seal found in the "Shop Now" menu under "Accessories".


A Flat Roof Awning is an excellent way to provide shade for your porch/patio. Awnings are designed to attach directly to a building. This economical design saves money because less Canopy Fittings and EMT poles are needed than when building a stand alone Canopy structure. Protective structural coverings to consider are; shade nets, shade cloth, polycarbonate panels, canvas, chicken wire and corrugated metal, other. *Also sold separately.


Fitting quantities you will receive based on your custom order:

Flat Roof Awning 10'x10' (Standard 10' Frame Spacing) configurations come with 4 Roof Fittings and 5 Mounting Brackets. Custom options include; 2 Foot Pads, and 1 Side Wall (2 Fittings).

Flat Roof Awning 10'x20' (Standard 10' Frame Spacing) configurations come with 6 Roof Fittings and 10 Mounting Brackets. Custom options include; 3 Foot Pads, and 1 Side Wall (3 Fittings).

Flat Roof Awning 10'x30' (Standard 10' Frame Spacing) configurations come with 8 Roof Fittings and 15 Mounting Brackets. Custom options include; 4 Foot Pads, and 1 Side Wall (4 Fittings). 

Flat Roof Awning 10'x40' (Standard 10' Frame Spacing) configurations come with 10 Roof Fittings and 20 Mounting Brackets. Custom options include; 5 Foot Pads, and 1 Side Wall (5 Fittings). 

Flat Roof Awning 10'x50' (Standard 10' Frame Spacing) configurations come with 12 Roof Fittings and 25 Mounting Brackets. Custom options include; 6 Foot Pads, and 1 Side Wall (6 Fittings).

Flat Roof Awning 10'x60' (Standard 10' Frame Spacing) configurations come with 14 Roof Fittings and 30 Mounting Brackets. Custom options include; 7 Foot Pads, and 1 Side Wall (7 Fittings).