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Q. Where can I find reviews of your product and service?

A. Throughout our many years in business, we've run the full gamut. We've evolved from a brick and mortar storefront to an online retailer. Since our company was founded, we have consistently sold products on eBay. If you click on the following link sacramentocanopy you will find over 750, 100% satisfaction feedback score and related reviews. You can also find some of our products and reviews on Amazon and Customers who purchase directly from our website enjoy access to a wider variety of products, more Kit configuration options and preferred expedited shipping. However, you will get our top-notch service on whichever platform you prefer.

Q. Where do I purchase the frame poles and why don't you sell them?
A. Our Canopy Kits include galvanized steel FITTINGS only. The main framework poles (Electrical Metallic Tubing - EMT) is a common item sold in standardized 10' lengths at any major hardware store. We can't compete with local EMT pricing and shipping 10' pipes would be logistically challenging and expensive.

Q. What is the outside diameter of EMT pipe and the inside diameter of your Fittings?
A. Please reference the below chart.

Q. Where do I purchase covers and why don't you sell them?
A. There are many options for covers; clear or colored tarps, canvas, vinyl, plastic film sheets, shade cloth, shade nets, wire mesh, chicken wire, polycarbonate panels, corrugated metal and more. Most of these covers can be found locally at various supply stores or can be sourced on the internet. For customer reported quality cover recommendations, please contact us for a list. Our focus is to specialize in providing Canopy Kits, Fittings and related Accessories only.


Q. I don't understand how to purchase individual fittings on your website, and how do I receive a discount when purchasing more than one fitting? 

A. When you have identified the fitting desired, select the diameter size and quantity on that page. You will see that the price goes down when you select more than one. In the cart near the image of the fitting you will see the diameter and the quantity you selected. Make sure to leave the quantity in the cart as "1" unless you need to multiply the quantity that you entered on the item page. 

Q. Are Low Slope Kits available in 1-1/2”?
A. No, 1-1/2” Fittings are only available in Low Peak, High Peak, and Flat roof styles.

Q. I don't see the individual Fitting for sale that I need, how do I purchase it?
A. When our inventory on specific Fittings gets below a certain threshold, we temporarily remove the Fitting from our website in order for us to be able full fill our Kit orders. We can often still sell you the Fitting depending on the quantity needed, just contact us.


Q. I don't see the Canopy size listed that I need, how do I purchase larger or smaller sizes?
A. Since EMT is sold in 10' lengths, all of our Kits are listed in 10' increments, but many variations of Canopy sizes are possible using the same parts. EMT can be cut shorter or extended longer (limits apply) to achieve the size Canopy you want to build. For instance, a 6' x 10' or 8' x 10' will use the same Canopy Kit parts as being sold with size 10' x 10'. Likewise, a 10' x 16' or 10' x 18' will use the same amount of Canopy Fittings as being sold with a 10' x 20'. On a larger scale, a 16' x 18' will use the same amount of Canopy Fittings as being sold with a ≤ 20' x 20'. A 16' x 24', 18' x 26', or 20' x 28' will use the same amount of parts as a ≤ 20' x 30' and so on. There are many other denominations of Canopy sizes not listed that you can consider. Please contact us for assistance if you are confused, have specialized orders, or other inquires.

Q. What makes your Canopy Kits different from “Complete Kits” from other sellers?
A. Our product is tailored more towards do-it-yourself and build to suit customers. We offer a variety of roof styles, Canopy sizes, Fitting diameters, options and upgrades to choose from. This allows you to build exactly the Canopy structure you want without purchasing unneeded parts. You can easily make changes to your Canopy as desired with our individually sold Fittings and engineer upgrade options to meet most Canopy framing needs. Also, unlike competitors Kits that often use proprietary Fittings and metric size frame tubes, if repairs or changes are needed, our Canopy Fittings and Kits use common EMT tubing that is easily and quickly sourced from your local hardware store. Lastly, competitor's “Complete Kit” Canopy covers are often proprietary sizes and replacements are not always available. For more information on advantages of purchasing our products please contact us.

Q. I have other questions, do you have a phone number I can call?
A. Our first level of support is either through email or “Live Chat” located on the bottom right corner of your computer screen (not compatible with all mobile phones or tablets). Most phone calls are reserved for after sale support. We have good reasons for using email and/or Live Chat for customer service inquiries.
• We often need to send and/or receive photos, drawings or plans to clarify questions and answers.
• We often need to send links to customers.
• We often need to refer back to email records to provide quick and accurate information to your question(s).
If our Live Chat is not active at the time you have a question, you will be pleasantly surprised how quickly we will respond to your email. Try us at

Q. I live in the Sacramento area, can I pick up my order?
A. You can pick up your order at UPS when we make our daily drops. If interested, you'll need to contact us to schedule an exact time. Expedited delivery can also be discussed. Keep in mind most orders regardless of location placed before noon PST will be sent out the same day or the following day at the latest (excludes weekends and holidays). Please allow an additional 1-3 days for 1-1/2" Kits. 


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Our mission is simple: to provide the best products to our customers at the lowest prices possible. We've been in business for almost 20 years and take great pride in our company, our commitment to customer service and in the products we sell. Based in beautiful Sacramento California, we are a premiere provider of Canopy Kits, Canopy Fittings, Canopy Parts and Accessories. We ship FAST!