1-1/2" Custom Backyard Batting Cage

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1-1/2" Custom Backyard Batting Cage Kits (30'L, 40'L, 50'L, 60'L')

Sacramento Canopy Batting Cage Kits include the FITTINGS only. The electrical conduit poles are NOT included. The main framework poles (EMT- Electrical Metallic Tubing) are sold in standardized 10' lengths at any major hardware store. This Kit uses 1-1/4" EMT conduit.

1-1/2" Canopy Fittings pair with 1-1/4" EMT conduit. 

 (Actual Fitting Inside Diameter 1.550" (+/- .02")

A Custom Backyard Batting Cage Kit is the Batting Cage of choice for those who are looking to elevate their baseball game to the next level. There is simply no substitute for having a batting cage in your own backyard to get in the reps you need. No more wasting time and money driving to the batting cages. Build a custom cage to fit your backyard yourself. Our Fittings paired with EMT conduit poles make large, strong batting cage frames that are sure to impress. Don't settle for a small, flimsy cage that will restrict your natural movement. A cheap cage like that won't inspire you to spend a lot of time in it. Instead, put in a little more effort and money and do it right with our Batting Cage Kits. With our Kits you are guaranteed to enjoy the hours spent inside it, and also the dividends it will pay on the baseball field.                               

The trapezoid shape of our Batting Cage Kits is key, as it increases the Cage's stability and also gives additional room inside the Cage to allow for unrestricted movement.  These Kits can easily support a height of 10,' a width of 18,' and a length of 60,' which is more room than you need. Our Kits can also be customized by changing these dimensions to fit your space if desired. This flexible design can be used if you are hanging a fully formed cage net (in one piece with doors already sewn in the netting), or if you are using sectional nets. Finally, our cages feature a "Bay Door" Option. Doors are essential if you are using sectional nets. Bay Doors provide a place on your frame to overlap the nets so you can create a "Door" to get in/out of your cage.

1-1/2" Custom Batting Cage Kits come complete with all Fittings to build a Trapezoid shape Cage. Custom Options include Size and Bay Door Fittings. Instructions for assembly are included with all Canopy Kits.

Custom Options:

1. Size - Select your desired size indicated by Batting Cage length. This Kit provides Fittings to space your Canopy poles every 10' down the length. Batting Cages are trapezoid in shape to give both increased stability and room inside the cage.

2. Bay Door Fittings - Add either 1 or 2 Bay Doors to your Batting Cage. If you are using sectional netting panels (not a complete batting cage net in one piece), you will want to make doors to enter/exit your Batting Cage. Bay Doors not only give your batting cage additional length, but they provide a way to overlap your nets on the ends so you can get in and out of your Batting Cage. If you are using a complete (one piece) batting cage net with doors already sewn into the netting, Door Fittings are not necessary. 

Batting Cage Nets (NOT INCLUDED):

Fully Complete Batting Cage Net (one piece)


Fast Assembly.

Doors are already sewn into the net, so you don't have to build doors on your frame.



Heavy, not very user friendly.

Does not fit tightly to the frame sides and droops from the roof. This takes away usable space on the inside of your Batting Cage.

Difficult to repair in case of net rips/damage.

Sectional Batting Cage Nets (several pieces)


Lightweight and user friendly.

Can be customized to any Batting Cage shape.

Fits tightly to the Batting Cage frame, so your net won't droop from the roof/sides and waste valuable space on the inside of the cage.

Easy to replace section in case of net rips/damage.


Slower Assembly - requires attachment to the frame every few inches.  Zip ties are a great way to do this. They are cheap, strong, and quick to install. Many sectional nets come with rope, which the manufacturers claim you can use to tie the nets to your frame. Obviously, they have never built a batting cage... We do not recommend this method.

Tips for Batting Cage Success

1. We recommend covering your Batting Cage poles with foam pipe covers to protect the conduit, as well as yourself from the potential ricochet of hard, direct hits to the poles. 1" pipe foam covers are sold in 6' lengths at any major hardware store.  

2. If using sectional nets that are sold in standard sizes like 10' x 30', 10'x 40', etc. Use zip ties to tie your nets the frame in sections. This will give you a net that fits tightly to the frame and doesn't droop from the roof/sides, wasting precious space inside your cage. 

3. To save money on conduit poles, don't use the poles along the ground, just buy nets that are a few feet longer. For example - for a Cage that is 10' tall, order a net that is 15' tall. Do this and you won't need ground poles to tie your net to. Just let the excess net hang. The baseballs will get caught in it and stay inside the cage.

4. Secure your cage to the ground. It is strongly recommended to anchor your Batting Cage to the ground. People do this in different ways. If you are building Doors, use Anchor Nails through the pre-drilled holes on each Foot Pad base. The rest of the cage uses Fittings (instead of Foot Pads). Anchor Stakes are hooked like a candy cane at one end and are designed for clamping over ground Fittings/Poles.                                         

5. Please use caution when building Batting Cages. It is the customer's responsibility during periods of severe weather to take the necessary actions to avoid canopy and/or property damage. Cowboy Canopy is not responsible for Canopy/property damage due to acts of nature. Acts of nature include wind, rain, snow, floods, severe storms, or any other naturally occurring event.

Additional Options (Ordered separately - not offered as Custom Options)

1. Bar Braces - To reinforce corners and peaks if your structure needs added strength, support and stability.

2. FC, Coupler Connectors - To build your Cage a little wider (join two EMT conduit pieces together), use FC Connectors, found under “Canopy Fittings."

1" Custom Batting Cage Fitting Quantities

30' Length (20 Fittings)

FB3G - 4, FB4G - 4, FP3E - 4, FP4L - 4, FL - 4, FT - 4

Bay Door Options - One Door- 2 FT, 2 FB3G, 2 Foot Pads, Two Doors - 4 FT, 4 FB3G, 4 Foot Pads

40' Length (30 Fittings)

FB3G - 4, FB4G - 6, FP3E - 4, FP4L - 6, FL - 4, FT - 6

Bay Door Options - One Door- 2 FT, 2 FB3G, 2 Foot Pads, Two Doors - 4 FT, 4 FB3G, 4 Foot Pads

50' Length (36 Fittings)

FB3G - 4, FB4G - 8, FP3E - 4, FP4L - 8, FL - 4, FT - 8

Bay Door Options - One Door- 2 FT, 2 FB3G, 2 Foot Pads, Two Doors - 4 FT, 4 FB3G, 4 Foot Pads

60' Length (42 Fittings)

FB3G - 4, FB4G - 10, FP3E - 4, FP4L - 10, FL - 4, FT - 10

Bay Door Options - One Door- 2 FT, 2 FB3G, 2 Foot Pads, Two Doors - 4 FT, 4 FB3G, 4 Foot Pads