22" Canopy Tarp Tie Strap - 10 Piece Set

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Straps are sold in sets of 10.

10 Straps = Quantity of 1

20 Straps = Quantity of 2 and so on. 

These easy to use high quality 22" Straps are an upgrade to ball bungees. They are made from strong nylon hook and loop (velcro) material, and are UV and water resistant. Easily attach a tarp or shade cloth with grommets to a canopy structure. These Straps are adjustable in length, reusable, and provide superior holding power. If needed, multiple straps can be put together to make a longer strap. They provide extra strength and durability with SEWN on METAL buckles that are superior to the competitors plastic attached heat welded seams.

  • 100% NYLON - Heavy duty black hook & loop fastening Straps
  • WATER RESISTANT - High strength, UV resistant, mold mildew water resistant nylon 
  • STRENGTH - Metal buckle will stand up against heavy loads. Strong hook and loop strapping material is sewn on (no glue/adhesives) to keep a secure connection
  • VERSATILE - Lightweight and abrasion resistant for the most demanding locations

22" x .75" Strap = Maximum 19” Minimum 9”. Choose this size if the circumference of the item you wish to wrap is between 9”-19”.

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